Blog - posted on June 23, 2015

Virginia Beach Funny Bone this week!

I’ll be headlining the Funny Bone in Virginia Beach this Wednesday and Thursday night.  It’s a great club and I always have a great time on stage, and if I forget to take my Aderall it will be a totally insane show of riffing, crowd work, random tangents, and me trying to recall, “Where was I going with that?”.  

I’ve got a bunch of new stuff too, so if you’ve seen me before and worried that it’s going to be the same old crap, you’re wrong and should be ashamed of yourself for doubting all that is great about America.

Fight facism and the terrorists by coming to my show this week.  Here’s the link to buy tickets, unless you hate freedom.  See Mike Storck at the Funny Bone

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