Blog - posted on July 19, 2016

Playmate Dani Mathers

playmate laughs at schoolgirl
Body shaming?  I prefer the term, “shallow twat”.  I definitely understand why people hate Dani Mathers right now, and why everyone is raking her over the coals.  What I don’t understand is how some people appear to be shocked or surprised that a Playboy Playmate did something mean-spirited and shallow.  Surprised?  Really?  That a makeup-caked gym bunny whose life revolves around physical appearance is actually a superficial shitty person?  Next thing you know we’re going to find out that that juiced up mall security guard has a “bit of a power complex”.
I’m not surprised at all, it’s actually exactly what I expect from her.  I might be surprised that she didn’t think about the repercussions of posting the photo, but if she only hangs out with other shallow trophy wives and eye candy, why would she know any better?  If you only hang out with other “beautiful people”, there’s no one to knock some sense into your head and let you know that you’re acting like a one dimensional a-hole.  If I only hung out with Pauly D, JWoww, and Snooki, I might start thinking that philosophical conversations were, “So totally, like… whatever, nerd talk gives me a headache brah!”  I’d probably spend $80 on eyebrow tweezers so I can “pull mad tail when we go flex at the club”.  Hopefully I’d eat a grenade before I reached that point, but who knows.
“Body shaming is wrong and that’s not what I’m about, that’s not the type of person I am.”  Yes it is, and yes… you are.  That’s exactly what you’re about.  You took the photo, you added the caption, and you added the reaction shot of you being horrified at her naked body.  You wouldn’t have done any of those things if that wasn’t who you are. The photo is bad enough, but to take all the extra steps to heap on everything else took effort; effort that only a mean spirited person would make.  Covering your mouth trying to distance yourself from the “less than perfect” chaff just makes you look even more arrogant.  You’re like the joke stealing comedian who’s only apologetic because you got caught.
“I can’t unsee this”.  Unsee someone’s body shape?  Usually people reserve that expression for war crimes or fucked up snuff-porn that your a-hole roommate swore was “just a funny fart video” when he insisted you watch it.  I once saw a faces of death clip by accident and I really wish I could unsee it, because it messed with my head and took years to go away.  Describing another person’s body as something warranting a Men in Black memory wipe is mean but it’s also incredibly shallow.  It’s not like you were horrified at someone’s attempt at pneumatic robotic stabilization. You were grossed out because she wasn’t super hawt.
Dani Mathers showed her true colors, and her half-assed apology is nothing more than damage control.  Posting it publicly might have truly been an accident, but I think it’s almost irrelevant.  Even if it had never gone public, Dani still took an illegal photo of a woman because she’s superficial and mean; and that’s why her apology won’t undo anything.




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