Blog - posted on June 5, 2015

Mad Max meets standup comedy.

In a post apocalyptic world, where zombies have become more common than Starbucks, one lone warrior asks the real questions…

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Blog - posted on May 28, 2015

This is why bikers are hostile.

If you haven’t already seen this video, allow me to enlighten you.  Motorcyclists deal with dangers and hazards that car drivers don’t, and some dangers we share have more lethal consequences simply because we don’t have airbags or 2000 lbs of metal in front of us.  Have you ever wondered why bikers seem a little […]

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Blog - posted on May 26, 2015

Corona tank top is stronger than kevlar and carbon fiber combined?

It’s true, science has proved it.  I used to see those guys and think, “What a moron… doesn’t that guy know how important proper gear is?”  It turns out that I was the moron.  How naive and ignorant I was, to think that a few millimeters of leather or ballistic nylon might protect me in […]

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Blog - posted on May 13, 2015

I’m headlining in Baltimore this weekend at Magooby’s

I’ll be headlining my home club Magooby’s Joke House this weekend in Timonium, MD; and I’m going to be doing some of my more edgy social political material so hopefully I don’t take a flaming trash can to the face.  I’ll know it was a good show if there’s no burning cop cars parked out […]

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Blog - posted on May 13, 2015

Using the iPhone app to post?

I’m hoping this works because I’m using my iPhone and it’ll be nice to be able to post on the go, so this is a test run.  Also, to the guy in Russia trying to mess with me website and email, give it a rest.  Do something more productive with your time, go help some […]

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Blog - posted on May 1, 2015

My first stupid post on my awesome website (kicking the tires)

I don’t have anything important to say here, I’m just twisting the throttle and seeing how this works.  The one on the right is the clutch, right?  I should twist this one and then squeeze both levers at the same time…. I’m mucking about with images, headers, and more text just to see if I […]

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