Blog - posted on May 1, 2015

My first stupid post on my awesome website (kicking the tires)

I don’t have anything important to say here, I’m just twisting the throttle and seeing how this works.  The one on the right is the clutch, right?  I should twist this one and then squeeze both levers at the same time….


I’m mucking about with images, headers, and more text just to see if I can figure out what’s happening with certain functions.


I’m snijpi flkbfn3rkgn wlkfn welfnb3n lwnfp3i lfjkenk ddk  wiwj dd   d dwen

I’m typing random bullshit


Filling space and time

keep typing

that’s it, keep typing….

Almost there…

Stay on target

I can’t pull up!

Stay on target.

They’re coming in too fast!!

Stay on target.

I think I pooped my pants and I’m going to die in the middle of outer space, floating along in charred pieces for thousands of years because my body won’t decompose in the cold empty vacuum of space…

Stay on target.

But Porkins, if I pull up now and circle back, I might actually have a chance instead of dying needlessly, for nothing.

Stay on target.

But, come on!! Luke has a better chance of making the shot anyway… why don’t I just pull up and draw their fire?  Listen to reason Porkins…  It’ll keep me from dying, open the door wider for Luke, and if he misses for some reason I’ll still be alive to circle back around and attempt a follow up shot.

Stay on target.



Bill Monaghan

The one on the right is the clutch. Just not on your bike.

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