Blog - posted on June 8, 2015

Lattaland is the cat’s pajamas.

Joh Latta and his tool

If you haven’t seen the artwork of Josh Latta yet, the terrorists have already won.  I really dig his style, and he’s irreverently funny as well, which usually seems to be a mutually exclusive pair of talents.  (read: Family Circus by Bil Keane).  Let’s be honest, someone might be funny and edgy, but if it’s illustrated by Rob Liefeld no one is going to look at it.  Between Rashy Rabbit and some of his Utz chip bag alterations, Josh has a lot of good stuff.  He actually did a custom avatard for me after my last motorcycle crash, I’m going to upload as my website’s favicon (as soon as I figure out how).

Check him out here: Lattaland

mike storck avatard post crash



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