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playmate laughs at schoolgirl

Playmate Dani Mathers

Body shaming?  I prefer the term, “shallow twat”.  I definitely understand why people hate Dani Mathers right now, and why everyone is raking her over the coals.  What I don’t understand is how some people appear to be shocked or surprised that a Playboy Playmate did something mean-spirited and shallow.  Surprised?  Really?  That a makeup-caked gym […]

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Bum Missile thumb

We can solve the heroin problem, the homeless problem, and fight ISIS all in one shot.

We can utilize an abundant resource (heroin junkies), clean the streets of homeless people, and fight terrorism all with one brilliant invention.  Bum Missiles. I’ve seen the technology, and the future is in a merging of technology and organic bio-tech utilization.  The future lies ahead, allow me to explain…  

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